About faizoro

I’m a psychology student – presently in pursuit of my Bachelors.  I am a Bahá’í and someone who at a young age experienced the loving intervention of psychology minded and spiritually minded mentors – one Jacob Bighorn and one Richard Hastings up in Canada.  All this has caused me to feel very optimistic about human nature, about the capacity of people for growth and change and for the positive aspects of diverse human communities – working together to improve life on this planet.

People will tell you I am a talker but I prefer to think I am a converser.  I often have that feeling in the midst of a conversation that – I wish others could hear this as the conversation deepens and those present sort of find that third point of view – the view that is integrative and approaches deep insights.

I thought podcasting might be a way to share the conversation and invite others to listen and contribute in various ways.  We have social media and messaging but something about those mediums for me are fundamentally less appealing than the conversation and it’s technological extension in the form of some talk based podcasts. Anyways- drop me a line and tell me what you think.  

I can be reached at faizoro@gmail.com and would LOVE to hear from you: This “blog” at blog.faizoro.com is the blog for the faizoro podcast. Actually though I have a personal blog (non-podcast related) at faizoro.com