#5 Vicki Mead conversation

In this episode, I call my oldest friend’s mother Vicki Mead – a psychotherapist and discuss a dream I had about her the previous night.  We talk about the field of psychology, about the juncture between religion and spirituality, the mentoring relationship and other subjects brought up by the dream.

#4 Sorry Racism

Today we enjoy a casual interview in the home of Juliet and Adam Crossley, members of the Bahá’í faith community of which I am also a member.  We explore race within the culture and teachings of this new world religious community in optimistic terms as well as some of the dynamics of inter-racial marriages and friendships.  This episode is actually part of a class project that involves a presentation delivered 2017.05.01, but I was happy to use the material for this enriching episode at the suggestion of my study group.

#2 – Dreams about Adolescence with Ethan Crofts

Listen to two fantastical dreams Ethan Crofts had that look at adolescence before and during.  What insights is he able to learn and how does the future look to him?  What resources and relationships will be important to him as he grows up?  Find out how dreams can help answer such questions.

#1 – Discussion with Hector Black – Quaker

Listen in as we learn about compassion and forgiveness from elderly Quaker gentleman named Hector Black.  What would the world be like if there were more forgiveness and mercy in the world?  We also hear about some of his life experiences and learn a little about Quaker history and some of the character of the culture.